Denver, Colorado, is rolling out a new cannabis educational initiative aimed at teens. The program is part of the city’s marijuana policy department. Packaged in an upbeat gameshow format, the program claims to give young people information on a range of different issues related to cannabis.

“Weeded Out” Game Show

The new gameshow-style program is called “Weeded Out.” And the premise is simple.

The host asks a bunch of questions about marijuana. And teens try to answer them. If you get the question wrong, you’re “weeded out.”

And if you get it right you get to advance to the next round. Eventually, the show weeds out enough contestants to arrive at nine or so final contestants.

From there, the show moves into a Jeopardy-style quiz show. Kids stand behind podiums and answer questions about marijuana.

By the end of the game, the program has covered a wide range of information. In particular, the show focuses on potential health implications of cannabis consumption, marijuana policy, and a few other related topics.

According to CBS This Morning, the show is being played out for teens throughout the city of Denver. The program is reportedly being funded by marijuana sales taxes.

Last year, Denver alone raked

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