Wellness Center Of The Rockies

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Name: Wellness Center Of The Rockies

Address: 6853 Leetsdale Drive – Denver, CO 80224

Recreational: Yes

Medical: Yes

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Wellness Center Of The Rockies
Based on 289 reviews
Genie West
Genie W.
22:44 19 Jul 19
I love going here. The staff are great and they always have good deals. Plus you can earn points with each purchase. Points which you can use for free stuffread more
Jj B.
Jj B.
09:14 24 Jun 19
This is my favorite dispensary to go to they always get you in and out the budtenders are very friendly and knowledgeable . My budtender also told me about...read more
Peter Smith
Peter S.
16:14 23 Jun 19
Best product and deals and town. You have to stop by. They know their stuff and will get you out the door with a great deal!read more
Brittany Lamb
Brittany L.
22:54 21 Jun 19
Great place to shop! Good quality bud, very friendly staff, and the best deals on wax/shatter in town! Would recommend to first time shoppers, as well as seasoned vets.read more
Isaiah R.
Isaiah R.
15:57 11 Jun 19
Awesome crew an great bud. Highly recommend.
Winston H.
Winston H.
16:54 09 Jun 19
Honestly this is the best dispensary I've been to in the Denver area. The staff is very friendly and the weed is always potent. Definitely recommend them to...read more
Angelique Medina
Angelique M.
16:39 19 May 19
Great dispensary friendly staff and good prices. I highly recommend this dispensary. Flower on point and they have a great selection!read more
20:43 14 May 19
Fabulous place to shop. They have great prices on concentrates. The employees are fast and friendly. I actually enjoy coming in. There is a really good point system at this location. Would definitely recommend.read more
stacie drissel
stacie D.
22:07 13 May 19
The entire staff is awesome! Neat little place. They always have my favorite strain in stock. Every day of the week they run cool specials. Highly recommended biz!!read more
Christian M.
Christian M.
19:48 04 May 19
Wellness is an amazing dispensary. This is not a cannabis boutique. This dispo moves lots of good quality cannabis, your weed will always be fresh. So many...read more
Genie West
Genie W.
20:22 24 Apr 19
I love going here. The staff are great and they always have good deals. Plus you can earn points with each purchase. Points which you can use for free stuffread more
jhon davis
jhon D.
22:27 19 Apr 19
When I came in my bud tender completely educated me on the menu & every deal they had as it was my first time visiting. Im going to have to give the service, prices & quality all 5 starsread more
Ciroc Obama
Ciroc O.
23:27 10 Apr 19
The product here is amazing and the staff is extremely friendly. Strongly recommend shopping here. Been a loyal customer without any complaints for awhile now!read more
Krystal Nieto
Krystal N.
05:17 10 Apr 19
I love coming here! I am always greeted and the weed is GREAT for the prices! Thank you Wellness Center of the Rockies, I have found my new go to Dispo!read more
Brad Parrish
Brad P.
01:07 10 Apr 19
Recent changes have effected the overall quality and the buds not as great as they used to be. They do offer daily specials, but run out of stock sometimes within the first hour of being open. I would recommend calling before going to make sure they have supply as I have left empty handed more times than I care to admit. Edit- under new management again, but the quality and selection is much better now. Great prices and great weekly specials.Edit 2 - been going here regularly for almost 3 years now. This is absolutely the best spot in town. Prices and quality can't be beat. Keep up the amazing job guys.read more
Conrad The Smith
Conrad The S.
22:16 09 Apr 19
It makes me sad to see all these negative reviews. I have been a patron of Wellness Center for over a year now (04/09/2019 and they still rock so hard!!) and have never had a poor experience. Neither with the product, nor the customer service. Everyone there is friendly, polite, and invested in getting you the best deal they can. Their selection may be limited, but it is potent, so not a problem. This is a place for people who know what they want, but the tenders take care of you even if you have no clue. Their weekly specials are sweet, and the ongoing daily specials are to die for. NO ONE can complain about an 1/8th of premium mid-shelf out the door for less than $25. Wellness Center of the Rockies, you have my business, keep up the good work.read more
Carlos Contreras
Carlos C.
18:49 09 Apr 19
Great experience Best customer service everyone is very knowledgeable and friendly thank you Brittney for all your help will definitely tell friends and family about all the great dealsread more
Ritz Padilla
Ritz P.
15:47 07 Apr 19
The coolest staff, great location, and the best prices I have found to date. Service with a smile!
BlueDillon P.
BlueDillon P.
09:13 07 Apr 19
Wellness Center has the best product for the least amount of $$$! I think I found my COCHerb Padilla
oshane farquharson
oshane F.
23:25 30 Mar 19
Great staff at the shop. Always friendly and inviting. Great bud!!!
Caitee L.
Caitee L.
08:58 26 Mar 19
In love with this crew and store. Always a friendly face to help you out and the best prices! 10/10 would recommend!!
B. Jones
B. J.
22:36 19 Mar 19
This place is A plus top notch stuff!!! Their prices are absolutely unbelievable and I couldn't recommend that anyone try them any more than I do. I HIGHLY doubt you will be disappointed. Wether it's flower, concentrates, or edibles you won't find a better selection and definitely not at a better price.read more
Josh Brewer
Josh B.
17:53 24 Feb 19
Great service and quality always friendly .... although past couple times I've got an 1/8 or 1/4 it's been like half a gram off maybe it's the new budtender?? Love this place !read more
Amber Davis
Amber D.
14:36 19 Feb 19
Best dispensary in Denver! Great products, nice selection and awesome staff. Always happy and satified when I go there. Also their prices are on point. Love W.C.O.R!read more
Catalina G.
Catalina G.
20:57 29 Dec 18
Love this place everyone is always very helpful and friendly in and out in minutes thank you wellness center of the Rockiesread more
joshua gaudet
joshua G.
00:49 20 Nov 18
Baker. Coolest guy ever. Love the prices and bud here. Some of the best in the state. But it's people like Baker that will for sure keep me coming back. Nothing but G's working here. Peace & love.read more
Ahmad M.
Ahmad M.
19:04 28 Oct 18
Yea what the first Ahmad said she lied to me and other people I've sent up there I don't know her name but she's new light skinned maybe mixed I'm not sure...read more
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