Wellness Center Of The Rockies

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About Us: Unknown

Name: Wellness Center Of The Rockies

Address: 6853 Leetsdale Drive – Denver, CO 80224

Recreational: Yes

Medical: Yes

Daze Off Approved Vendor: Pending

Credit Cards Accepted: Unknown

Phone: Unknown

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Wellness Center Of The Rockies
Based on 530 reviews
Kenzie Q.
Kenzie Q.
16:51 06 Dec 21
If your close too the age 21 they will not accept you. And I'm almost 23... shame I recommend denver dispensary's
Erfan O.
Erfan O.
08:42 26 Nov 21
You cant mandate mask without having a box of mask for who doesn't have one , how am I supposed to know that all of a sudden you changed your policy this...read more
Ahmad M.
Ahmad M.
16:49 19 Oct 21
I gave 1 star again because they haven't fixed the lies I look on the website to see the limits and make my order and see a totally different THC level on...read more
Anthony T.
Anthony T.
12:49 21 Feb 21
Hello.....I must say the truth these guys are very slow when you write them on their yelp message box. We got Top shelf Grade AAA+++ medical marijuana,...read more
Dustin B.
Dustin B.
01:08 30 Jan 21
The staff is very friendly And also the product is phenomenal. And me and my husband been going there for 7+ years
Jon G.
Jon G.
17:02 29 Nov 20
Every time I come hear the product and the service kick ass thanks guys u rock!!!!
Walker U.
Walker U.
12:01 04 Oct 20
The counter lad was very friendly and even gave my wife something on the house for her bday. The bud was quality and low priced. Will absolutely be...read more
Vicky T.
Vicky T.
18:30 06 Sep 20
I love this place & the budtenders are amazing!!
Ahmad M.
Ahmad M.
10:33 01 Aug 20
Here we go again lying about the thc limits why do you advertise thc levels being in the upper 25% and 26%+ but after the purchase the bag says 18%-20% I...read more
Ahmad M.
Ahmad M.
14:54 09 May 20
I just paid almost $100 for shake leafy stem filled shake but it was listed as popcorn shake at 27%thc once again I paid for it to get in my car and the thc...read more
John Stegman
John S.
14:17 11 Mar 20
This place is an amazing place to come if you are looking for good product for a great price. Flower is on special on Tuesdays and thursdays, and is one of the best deals on flower in town. There are also really great people who work here who are knowledgeable about the products. Five stars to this place for being amazing.read more
Reece B.
Reece B.
17:21 03 Mar 20
Always have what I'm looking for , great selection of flower and concentrates, not to mention the bud tenders made me feel like family !read more
Dej M.
Dej M.
17:21 03 Mar 20
Very good deals, pleasant bud tenders, and a great selection! They are fast and efficient. I'm always in and out.
Marcelle McCaslin
Marcelle M.
00:55 28 Feb 20
This is 10000% hands down my favorite dispensary in the Denver area. Best service, best bud, and best concentrates for THE best prices. I’ve been coming here for 4 years and would recommend it to anyone and everyone!!read more
Brooke White
Brooke W.
18:52 03 Feb 20
Great place. Friendly staff, a little hard to find from the road but plenty of parking. Quality product and decent variety. Only real complaint, they won’t let you split ounce deals to two halves. I get it, but only kind of. Otherwise would be a five star for great customer service too!read more
Blaine T.
Blaine T.
11:30 17 Jan 20
To be honest me an my lady went to this spot before but she went in not me but it seemed like it didn't take tut o long TV he smoke was good quality an she...read more
Steven White
Steven W.
23:22 13 Jan 20
I come here all the time! I love this place from the product to the employees. I would recommend this dispensary to anyone! and wouldn't choose any other store! ????read more
Des Mendoza
Des M.
17:08 07 Jan 20
My favorite place to go! Their staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! Always have good deals and specials going on everyday! I recommend this dispensary to everyone and have no complaints!read more
Erin Crawford
Erin C.
15:29 27 Dec 19
Definitely my favorite dispensary. The staff is very helpful and friendly (with low turnover which is even better). Their flower is good quality with great prices. Their daily deals are awesome. I always recommend them to my friends.read more
energy work
energy W.
04:21 20 Dec 19
I absolutely love Wellness Center of the Rockies. The staff is down to earth. Good vibes and great prices and very good quality marijuana.read more
T5021 S
T5021 S
00:03 08 Dec 19
This is the only place with great weed and great prices. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I always leave satisfied. Definitely would recommend!read more
Chava D.
Chava D.
16:08 02 Dec 19
Great strains and deal! Very highly my go to dispense! Highly recommend it very great customer service!!
Nate Y.
Nate Y.
08:22 24 Nov 19
Great customer service and good bud at a low price. They did some renovations so the place look clean and bright.
Ashleigh C.
Ashleigh C.
03:34 24 Nov 19
This is hands down the best dispensary I've been to. The customer service is incredible! The tenders actually listen to everything you say and they remember...read more
Miss DesignerDiva
Miss D.
13:51 22 Nov 19
I live about 20 minutes away from this dispensary. I pass at least 4 on my way to wellness, but I can't help it. The way the employees make you feel here is incredible. When they ask you how you're doing, they truly want to know. But beyond that, they actually remember what you say to them. I'm blown away by their customer service. The prices are great too. They got rid of their rewards program, but I'm hoping itll be back after the renovation. Try them out you wont regret it!read more
Nate Yorks
Nate Y.
23:07 17 Nov 19
Great place to go for your herbs. Good low prices, friendly and knowledgeable customer service, convenient location. Try it out you won’t be disappointed.read more
Shanika Williams
Shanika W.
22:52 07 Nov 19
Found out about this place from a friend!! Prices alright, staff is super friendly an normally pretty good product. Check them out if You’re in the area.read more
Ross Q.
Ross Q.
07:22 01 Nov 19
Pre ordered a half oz of GG4 and was given a bag with almost an eighth of shake in it. Shame on you Wellness. Never preorder from this place. Employee...read more
Monica C.
Monica C.
10:56 29 Oct 19
So, I recently discovered WCR and it's actually pretty good! I haven't been going there on a consistent basis as I still shop at my "go-to" dispensary....read more
Gregory Lampron
Gregory L.
18:24 26 Oct 19
I go here for my marijuana. Also the selection, quality, location, convenience, speed of service, the staff, the rewards system... the list goes on. Bring a fat wad of cash and your legally required child safe exit bag, you'll need it.read more
Corissa Stevenson
Corissa S.
17:22 20 Oct 19
It's my #1 go to dispensary in Denver Colorado and of all the years I have lived here they have the most friendliest and reliable and awesome staff around I've been shopping there for a little over 2 years and they have always been the best and have had the best products and prices. You wont ever be disappointed when you leave here! ??read more
Asia Thomas
Asia T.
21:59 19 Oct 19
I'm so glad my friend showed me WC of the Rockies! They have great weed with great prices! The staff is normally friendly and knowledgeable! Thanks guys and gals! ?read more
Christopher Anderson
Christopher A.
23:53 16 Oct 19
Great staff unfortunately management / ownership. Cannot compete with competitive prices and keep their prices low. I do not recommend going to the store. This store, used to be a hidden gem not anymore. There are better places to find your..........read more
Manny Fresh
Manny F.
19:57 10 Oct 19
This place is kind of tucked away, but right behind the amf bowling alley. They have great deals. Once you walk in the service even with a long line is typically pretty quick. The people working are always super friendly and happy to help you with any questions you may have. Great lighting so you can see what you getting. They consistently have pretty awesome daily deals and their happy hour is legit. They do close kind of early so make sure you check what time they close that day. Also once you shop there, they will send you alerts as to daily specials they are running!read more
Lantz Tucker
Lantz T.
14:31 25 Sep 19
Currently waiting for them to open so I can stop in for an eighth. Always great flower when I come here. Respectful service and at a good price.read more
jermaine stubblefield
jermaine S.
21:36 24 Sep 19
Best dispensary in town. Will never change on them. Best weed best deals and great customer service. I will never choose another dispensaryread more
Michelle B.
Michelle B.
17:24 23 Sep 19
Fast. Convenient. When I place an online order they usually have it ready for me before I even leave my house. What's really awesome is when I order online,...read more
Abeni Mebane
Abeni M.
21:37 17 Sep 19
I love this place. One of my favorite dispensaries. The people here are so friendly. My boyfriend lives in Boston loves coming here when he is in town. Give these employees a reward for their hard work and friendly hospitality.read more
Dennis P.
Dennis P.
19:27 13 Sep 19
The best place ever... baker thanks a lot...I will always come here... go ever time. For life...
Jay Love
Jay L.
01:01 10 Sep 19
Outstanding people. Great deals ???. Weed is always good. Customer service is always at a all time great standard. Love this place and will never choose up on them.read more
Stiched Patched
Stiched P.
23:04 28 Aug 19
HANDS DOWN, Absolutely the best place to get your medicinal herbs! Super friendly and fast service; the crew remembers you. You won’t wait any more than 5-10 minutes! Always fresh buds and they hook it up with the big nugs, if available. I used to live 200 feet from this dispensary and now I travel every week from Westminster for their prices! BEST PRICES IN TOWN and I’ve been to kind love, emerald Fields, smoking gun, etc..read more
dsuperior_6 LeadGuitar
dsuperior_6 L.
22:15 23 Aug 19
I used to LOVE this place, their staff was friendly, their selections and prices were one of the best deals in the area. However today I was completely disappointed in their service, new staff isn't as friendly or helpful, their prices went from $18 and change an eighth out the door to over $30 for the same amount and their selection has spiraled downwards, nothing but shaky dry herb and tiny nuggs. I'm definitely changing up where I get my herb from. I dont know what happened but I'm not supporting it.read more
Kyle Peterson
Kyle P.
20:22 22 Aug 19
Awesome deals and happy hour. People that work here are even better come check this place out. It’s the only place I’ll go.read more
Derrick Jackson
Derrick J.
00:42 21 Aug 19
I’ve been shopping here for sometime now and I’m never dissatisfied. Great Flower and the plus is they have great staff!! I’m forever a customer!read more
Lisa S.
Lisa S.
19:19 15 Aug 19
The dick (Michael) at the front desk is the rudest POS I've ever met. Refused to accept my medical card for zero reason. After I'd been there for medical 5...read more
Nahshon Pigford
Nahshon P.
22:40 05 Aug 19
They have some of the best weed in Denver Colorado and the staff are amazing. They take time you help you understand what you're trying to buy. This is literally my number one go to shop. #WELLNESSCENTEROFTHEROCKIESread more
Gregg Stewart
Gregg S.
02:06 27 Jul 19
I'm new to this dispensary and only been here maybe 10 times. Today was the absolute best experience. I didn't feel rushed or like I was getting an academic lecture on products like most dispensaries. My budtender was Baker. He is what other tenders should be more like. He obviously knows customer service. Even while I was in line waiting and the place was packed he remained patient with everyone. Quickly and seamlessly he cranked out customers. He even found a way to have a small personal chat with each one of us. By far best budtender in Denver. Thanks again Baker. I'll be back more often after today and thanks for the tips on earning more points.read more
Genie West
Genie W.
22:44 19 Jul 19
I love going here. The staff are great and they always have good deals. Plus you can earn points with each purchase. Points which you can use for free stuffread more
Jj B.
Jj B.
09:14 24 Jun 19
This is my favorite dispensary to go to they always get you in and out the budtenders are very friendly and knowledgeable . My budtender also told me about...read more
Peter Smith
Peter S.
16:14 23 Jun 19
Best product and deals and town. You have to stop by. They know their stuff and will get you out the door with a great deal!read more
Brittany Lamb
Brittany L.
22:54 21 Jun 19
Great place to shop! Good quality bud, very friendly staff, and the best deals on wax/shatter in town! Would recommend to first time shoppers, as well as seasoned vets.read more
Isaiah R.
Isaiah R.
15:57 11 Jun 19
Awesome crew an great bud. Highly recommend.
Winston H.
Winston H.
16:54 09 Jun 19
Honestly this is the best dispensary I've been to in the Denver area. The staff is very friendly and the weed is always potent. Definitely recommend them to...read more
Angelique Medina
Angelique M.
16:39 19 May 19
Great dispensary friendly staff and good prices. I highly recommend this dispensary. Flower on point and they have a great selection!read more
20:43 14 May 19
Fabulous place to shop. They have great prices on concentrates. The employees are fast and friendly. I actually enjoy coming in. There is a really good point system at this location. Would definitely recommend.read more
stacie drissel
stacie D.
22:07 13 May 19
The entire staff is awesome! Neat little place. They always have my favorite strain in stock. Every day of the week they run cool specials. Highly recommended biz!!read more
Christian M.
Christian M.
19:48 04 May 19
Wellness is an amazing dispensary. This is not a cannabis boutique. This dispo moves lots of good quality cannabis, your weed will always be fresh. So many...read more
Genie West
Genie W.
20:22 24 Apr 19
I love going here. The staff are great and they always have good deals. Plus you can earn points with each purchase. Points which you can use for free stuffread more
jhon davis
jhon D.
22:27 19 Apr 19
When I came in my bud tender completely educated me on the menu & every deal they had as it was my first time visiting. Im going to have to give the service, prices & quality all 5 starsread more
Ciroc Obama
Ciroc O.
23:27 10 Apr 19
The product here is amazing and the staff is extremely friendly. Strongly recommend shopping here. Been a loyal customer without any complaints for awhile now!read more
Krystal Nieto
Krystal N.
05:17 10 Apr 19
I love coming here! I am always greeted and the weed is GREAT for the prices! Thank you Wellness Center of the Rockies, I have found my new go to Dispo!read more
Brad Parrish
Brad P.
01:07 10 Apr 19
Recent changes have effected the overall quality and the buds not as great as they used to be. They do offer daily specials, but run out of stock sometimes within the first hour of being open. I would recommend calling before going to make sure they have supply as I have left empty handed more times than I care to admit. Edit- under new management again, but the quality and selection is much better now. Great prices and great weekly specials.Edit 2 - been going here regularly for almost 3 years now. This is absolutely the best spot in town. Prices and quality can't be beat. Keep up the amazing job guys.read more
Conrad The Smith
Conrad The S.
22:16 09 Apr 19
It makes me sad to see all these negative reviews. I have been a patron of Wellness Center for over a year now (04/09/2019 and they still rock so hard!!) and have never had a poor experience. Neither with the product, nor the customer service. Everyone there is friendly, polite, and invested in getting you the best deal they can. Their selection may be limited, but it is potent, so not a problem. This is a place for people who know what they want, but the tenders take care of you even if you have no clue. Their weekly specials are sweet, and the ongoing daily specials are to die for. NO ONE can complain about an 1/8th of premium mid-shelf out the door for less than $25. Wellness Center of the Rockies, you have my business, keep up the good work.read more
Carlos Contreras
Carlos C.
18:49 09 Apr 19
Great experience Best customer service everyone is very knowledgeable and friendly thank you Brittney for all your help will definitely tell friends and family about all the great dealsread more
Ritz Padilla
Ritz P.
15:47 07 Apr 19
The coolest staff, great location, and the best prices I have found to date. Service with a smile!
BlueDillon P.
BlueDillon P.
09:13 07 Apr 19
Wellness Center has the best product for the least amount of $$$! I think I found my COCHerb Padilla
oshane farquharson
oshane F.
23:25 30 Mar 19
Great staff at the shop. Always friendly and inviting. Great bud!!!
Caitee L.
Caitee L.
08:58 26 Mar 19
In love with this crew and store. Always a friendly face to help you out and the best prices! 10/10 would recommend!!
B. Jones
B. J.
22:36 19 Mar 19
This place is A plus top notch stuff!!! Their prices are absolutely unbelievable and I couldn't recommend that anyone try them any more than I do. I HIGHLY doubt you will be disappointed. Wether it's flower, concentrates, or edibles you won't find a better selection and definitely not at a better price.read more
Josh Brewer
Josh B.
17:53 24 Feb 19
Great service and quality always friendly .... although past couple times I've got an 1/8 or 1/4 it's been like half a gram off maybe it's the new budtender?? Love this place !read more
Amber Davis
Amber D.
14:36 19 Feb 19
Best dispensary in Denver! Great products, nice selection and awesome staff. Always happy and satified when I go there. Also their prices are on point. Love W.C.O.R!read more
Catalina G.
Catalina G.
20:57 29 Dec 18
Love this place everyone is always very helpful and friendly in and out in minutes thank you wellness center of the Rockiesread more
joshua gaudet
joshua G.
00:49 20 Nov 18
Baker. Coolest guy ever. Love the prices and bud here. Some of the best in the state. But it's people like Baker that will for sure keep me coming back. Nothing but G's working here. Peace & love.read more
Ahmad M.
Ahmad M.
19:04 28 Oct 18
Yea what the first Ahmad said she lied to me and other people I've sent up there I don't know her name but she's new light skinned maybe mixed I'm not sure...read more
Love C.
Love C.
10:04 28 Oct 18
Best dispensary in Denver prices are un comparable the staff is always friendly and informative!They grow the best GG4 strain I've ever tried if you haven't...read more
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