Periodically, I like to remind those who read my articles that I often relate what I observe the Nuggets organization going through to my own growth as a professional in my career field. As we all know, the Nuggets have been through an interesting, and exciting rebuilding process, and I think it makes us feel more connected to them if we can relate their experiences with our own from time to time.

So, this week, I thought back to a point in the very early part of my career when I was making the transition between being a rookie and being relevant. I had a review coming up, and I was feeling great about how I was progressing with the company I worked for. My boss at the time was a very encouraging and supportive coach. To date, she’s the one who has challenged me most in my professional life, subsequently pushing me past anything I could ever imagine I could achieve. I don’t say this to be self-promoting, but I say it to highlight the importance that her challenges and expectations played in helping me grow.

I don’t remember everything from that review, but I remember that it was positive, and in her usual style, my boss issued me a challenge at the end. I don’t know about you, but I love a challenge. Working on accomplishing my next challenge keeps me focused and energized, and with my boss’ help, I was able to learn this about myself so I can stay motivated day to day.

The challenge I received on that pivotal day was to make the switch from just a friendly face for my clients, to the business woman they couldn’t manage without for guidance. This wasn’t a challenge that she issued to me hoping that I

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