Kyle Speller took my job.

Well, not exactly. The guy who preceded Mr. Speller as the Denver Nuggets P.A. announcer took my job. Before him, a friend had the job. A great old friend and terrific P.A. announcer, Sean Moth, became the Nuggets P.A. guy the same year he stepped in for a brand new hockey team in Denver, the Colorado Avalanche. In 1999, after two seasons, he moved on to even better things as the P.A. guy and Assistant Sports Information Director for the University of Louisville. Sean has done himself so proud as to now be the Cards Senior Director of Advertising and Promotions, while still carrying the P.A. load of seven or eights sports a year, plus events, radio, and television duties. He and his amazing wife and son are part of the bedrock of Louisville. (apologies to those of you I semi-told this story to recently)

Sean was so kind as to get me an audition for the Nuggets gig, after we’d both spent several years on-air in radio. I was so nervous as to almost be late for the chance. I showed up well ahead of time, but drove to McNichols Sports Arena for my interview/audition. When I got to the door, the guard was surprised to see me. 5 minutes and a few phone calls later, we both found I was supposed to be at the Pepsi Center. The brand-new-I-didn’t-know-it-was-ready-yet Pepsi Center. I raced over, and arrived two minutes ahead of time. The audition went beautifully, my three interviewers were excited, and I thought I had the gig. Until one of the astute gents auditioning me looked over my resume and said, “Wait… you’ve never done this before.”

Well… no. A few high school football games, and 8 years on-air, but… …read more