DENVER, CO – MARCH 28: As the bronze statue of C sar Ch vez is unveiled, the artist, Emanuel Martinez, right, stands close by as Capt. Raul Ch vez, from the Kalpulli Mitotiliztli Huitzilopochtli Traditional Aztec Dance Group performs a blessing for the event. The C sar Ch vez Peace and Justice Committee of Denver host a community celebration in Denver to honor labor leader C sar Ch vez on Saturday, March 28, 2015. The event begins with a Catholic Mass at Regis Chapel and continues with a march to C sar Ch vez Park where the unveiling of a bronze bust of Ch vez by artist Emanuel Martinez. (THE DENVER POST | Kathryn Scott Osler)The words, “Si, se puede,” rang through the streets of north Denver Saturday morning as hundreds of people marched to commemorate Cesar Chavez.Their destination was Cesar Chavez Park, named for the Latino civil rights activist who dedicated his life to improving conditions for farm workers. His legacy of, “Si, se puede,” translates roughly as, “Yes, it can be done.” “A lot of times, Chicano and Latino history get overlooked or flat-out ignored,” said Mace Castillo, a school counselor who attended the march. “Events like this keep the spirit of Cesar Chavez alive… It makes sure his legacy lives on.”The 14th annual march, which began at the Regis Chapel following a Mass, was organized by the Cesar Chavez Peace and Justice Committee of Denver. The group has spent more than a decade working toward Saturday’s main event: the unveiling of a new statue of Chavez in the park. “Let this statue serve as a symbol of what we all should believe in,” said Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, who participated in the march. “Today we celebrate Cesar Chavez and the legacy that each and every one of us stand on today.”The bronze bust was created by Denver artist Emanuel Martinez, whose artwork is featured in the Smithsonian and the Colorado Capitol. Saturday, the statue received a joint blessing from an Apache group and the Huitzilopochtli traditional Aztec dance group.”Them coming together here is symbolic of Cesar … – Click Here To Visit Article Source