DENVER (CBS4) – Richard Thal has two beloved dogs, Simon and Petey, and he was devastated when both of them got severely sick at the same time. Last September they were showing symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss.
“And the black one here started giving off a sour kind of order that was pretty prevalent,” Thal told CBS4.
He took the dogs to a veterinary internal specialist who ran many tests, but there was still no definitive cause for the illness.
“They responded to a change in food, almost immediately,” Thal explained.
Simon and Petey had been eating Beneful dog food for seven years. And while their veterinarian can’t make a direct connection between the food and the dogs’ sicknesses, Thal is convinced.
Simon and Petey (credit: CBS)
“He was throwing up twice a day, pretty noticeable, and he doesn’t throw up anymore,” Thal said.
Thal joined thousands of dog owners who’ve posted complaints online about Beneful dog food. Many of the posts list the same symptoms, some report dog deaths. One California pet owner has filed a federal lawsuit asking for class-action status. The lawsuit alleges that Beneful caused the death of one of his dogs and sickened two others.
In a statement on their Web site, Nestle Purina calls the lawsuit baseless. It says, “We take these allegations very seriously and stand by our product which is backed by Purina’s strict quality controls and comprehensive food safety program.”
(credit: CBS)
LINK: Purina Statement
Purina even called Richard Thal.
“They assured me that Purina is careful, and they don’t think it’s their food,” Thal said.
Beneful is a popular dog food. Nestle Purina told CBS4 that during 2014, 1.5 billion meals of Beneful were served to millions of pets all over the world with no adverse reaction. Some of those meals were made in Denver. The Purina plant at York Street and Interstate 70 produces a variety of dry cat and dog foods including Beneful. CBS4 got inspection records for that plant. The Food and Drug Administration, which is charged with overseeing pet food, had no … – Click Here To Visit Article Source