Saturday is Star Wars Day #1 at AT&T Park and the Rockies have scored fewer runs than the Giants, Dodgers, and Reds, which means the headline for this series preview hella works. A key feature of 2018 is that the a struggling team rolling into town does not automatically mean the Giants are doomed.

If you’re a Star Wars nut and need to get all the swag from the day or you just want to watch the Giants live before they head out on a road trip that lasts until June, then our good friends at StubHub have discounted tickets for all four games.

But these are the Rockies, the fifth horsesaur of the apocalypse, and in any given season, any given moment, they are built to make the Giants’ lives miserable. It’s bad enough they will be here for a 4-game series, but they’re making matters worse by acting like they’ve got something to prove.

Jordan Lyles nearly threw the Padres’ first no-hitter against them this week, and while Jordan Lyles is only 27 and keeps getting opportunities to start games — suggesting that front office types, scouts, and coaches alike see his potential — he’s not a barometer for offenses. It’s doubtful he figured anything out before his 7+ inning, 1-hit effort against his former team (the Rockies DFA’d him last July), but instead was pitching with a chip on his shoulder and against an offense with a collective wRC+ of 75 and a lineup that combines for 0.7 WAR.

I know, I know. I’m shocked, too. The Rockies offense isn’t working right now, and it’s a credit to their young pitching (no starter 30 or older) and solid bullpen that they’re 23-20. They’ve been outscored 171-193 and right now I know you’re assuming that margin comes from

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