The previous week, officials had used the same technique to identify and raid
a cannabis farm in the city of Zutphen, where they found a bedroom filled
with 88 marijuana plants. Two days later, one person was arrested in Arnhem
after police discovered a similar plantation.

It was not clear how much cannabis was seized in the Haarlem raid.

The Dutch police are not the only ones to use heat signals to detect the
presence of plantations.

In 2013, the West Midlands Police department released a video on YouTube that
showed a plantation in Birmingham seen through a thermal-imaging camera.

Police described it as being “lit up like a beacon”. Authorities
then raided an apartment, in which they found 143 cannabis plants.

The technique is certainly not fail proof, however.

In 2009
police raided a home in Yorkshire, certain that the heat coming from
the property was due to lamps for cannabis plants. Instead, they found a
wood burning stove.

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