Members of the UK Parliament shouted down a proposed bill to legalize, regulate and tax adult-use cannabis. Liberal Democratic Member of Parliament and former health minister Norman Lamb introduced the bill under the House of Commons’ Ten Minute Rule. The Ten Minute Rule allows MPs who don’t traditionally have the opportunity to present legislation, to make their case for a new bill in a speech limited to just ten minutes. After the speech, the House decides whether or not to introduce the bill. And if the MP succeeds, the bill earns its first reading. But despite Lamb’s best efforts to argue for legalization, MPs opposed to cannabis bested the bill, voting 66-52 to block it.

In Twitter Video, MP Norman Lamb Makes Case for Legalizing Cannabis in the UK

In early November, the U.K. announced a change to its marijuana laws, rescheduling medical cannabis treatments as “Schedule 2” drugs. The change allows specialist doctors to prescribe cannabis-based products for certain patients. The move immediately sparked a conversation about the prospect of broader legalization. But top U.K. government officials denied the rule change had anything to do with legalizing adult cannabis use.

Nevertheless, calls for the end to prohibition are increasingly heard

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