Denver, Colo. — Emmanuel Sanders is trying something new this offseason, he’s not leaving. His usual routine of shipping cars and clothes to Houston for the offseason didn’t happen this year.

“It’s a lot of unnecessary things that I’m just trying to get out of the way and focus on the season and, not only that, I’m starting to like Colorado a lot-very laid back,” Sanders said from his third annual ProCamp at Mullen High School. “And I’ve got two kids. When you start moving with two kids it gets tough,” he added.

His reason for staying in the Mile High city is clear, “I figure I’d have a laser sharp focus.” Staying away from some of the distractions of his home in Houston means that Sanders can spend time on the field with Broncos quarterback Case Keenum and other receivers who also chose to stay in Denver. “Actually that throwing session was really good. Just to go out there with Case, I think that was the first time we threw outside of the facility. Just to get that chemistry and to go over routes.”

The future of the Pro Bowl receiver after this season is unclear, however. Sanders knows that the 2018 season is a big one for him since nothing is guaranteed past this year. “Who knows what might happen or what situation might play out.” He continued “I always play like that, like its year-to-year. I’ve got something that I’ve got to go out to prove this year and if I don’t prove it to the Broncos I’ll be proving it to some other team.”

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