COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – Medicinal marijuana is a multi-billion dollar industry with diseases like cancer and chronic pain fueling its popularity and necessity.

Thirty-six states in the country have approved cannabis for medical use, Ohio being one of them.

Now, long-time Cleveland construction entrepreneur Ariane Kirkpatrick, 56, is the owner of Harvest of Ohio–the first female, minority-led medical marijuana dispensary in the state.

The first of three locations recently opened in Columbus, making a nearly four-year undertaking now a reality. Her license was granted by the state in 2017, but Kirkpatrick says it wasn’t an easy road to success.

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“And I remember saying wow, this is gonna be scary. And on December 2, that’s when the first lawsuits came, the first challenges. Who is she? Why did she receive a facility? Why is she in this business. What qualifications does she have?” said Kirkpatrick.

Just two weeks after opening, vandals struck by spray-painting the words “sell-out” and the N-word on the outside of her N. High Street location.

“That’s not going to stop me. It’s not

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