Epilepsy warrior Billy Caldwell is to be granted an historical lifetime licence for medicinal cannabis issued under new government guidelines, the Mirror can reveal.

It means the youngster could be back in his own home within a week.

And the move will pave the way for more licences to be set in place as international clinical data on cannabis based treatments is shared with the UK.

Billy, 12, from Northern Ireland became the poster boy for a change in law on medical marijuana after his anti-epilepsy drugs were confiscated at Heathrow Airport on June 11 after an order by Home Office minister Nick Hurd.

An email to Charlotte and her campaign team this weekend, stated the paediatric neurology team at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children has now started Billy’s application process.

Charlotte’s campaign to help her son has come good (Image: PA) Read More

It said: “[We] will complete the application for cannabis based products for Billy and present this to the Expert Panel.

“In the interim until a formal decision is received, [we] await formal advice from their professional body with respect to prescribing this particular cannabis oil preparation.

“In the event that Mrs Caldwell would wish Billy to be transferred back to the care of the medical at the Children’s Hospital in Belfast, we will do all we can to facilitate this transfer.”

The letter from Dr Chris Hagan, Deputy Medical Director said his team would be moving “quickly and effectively” and “without ambiguity.”

The news was heralded as “history in the making” by Charlotte Caldwell this afternoon.

She said: “This is what we have been waiting for. This is what every parent of a child who believes they need medicinal cannabis has been waiting for.

“Time is ticking by for each of

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