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Euflora’s two locations now deliver to all of Aurora.

Scott Lentz

After partnering with an old friend, Euflora’s two dispensaries in Aurora — on South Buckley Road and South Gun Club Road — are now offering recreational pot delivery to all of Aurora. The Colorado-based company has an agreement with Flyhi, a new marijuana delivery website.

Euflora secured the delivery permits from the state Marijuana Enforcement Division and City of Aurora, and also employs the drivers; Flyhi provides the software and customer-facing website. According to Flyhi Chief Operating Officer Ashley Chubin, over $1 million was spent on developing the service, which will be used exclusively by Euflora in the immediate future.

“Teaming up with Euflora, and them being so high-tech with the way their stores operate, it really works. We wanted to team up with Euflora because of that,” Chubin says. “We wanted to to be the modern technology of cannabis.”

Using Flyhi is similar to ordering food on your

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