DENVER — A former teacher at a troubled Denver high school has stepped forward with allegations that failing students are getting their semester grades raised to a passing mark through a new administrative process.
FOX31 Denver reviewed class test scores and transcripts which appear to back up that teacher’s claim.
Physics teacher, Justin Twardowski, resigned from Collegiate Preparatory Academy (formerly known as Montebello High) in January for what he labeled “a hostile (work) environment.”
He says his principal pressured him to raise grades for failing students and when he refused on moral grounds, the students’ grades were improved he says “by someone up the chain of command” to give them credit he believes the students did not earn.
Twardowski told FOX31 Denver investigative reporter Chris Halsne during an on-camera interview, “When I posted my grades at the end of semester one, I documented what my students received. When I looked later, I saw that my students’ grades that I had posted – the ones specifically that had received Fs had nearly all been changed to Ds.”
FOX31 Denver reviewed final semester grades for those nine students in Twardowski’s physics classes. The records were time-stamped December 19th, 2014. That is three class days before the Christmas holiday break. All nine students had combined assignment, test, and final test scores below the 60 percent fail/pass threshold.
Semester totals showed scores of 13.26%, 21.46%, 32.50%, 34.03%, 35.94%, 40.41%, 44.47%, 46.43%, and 52.96%.
His teacher comments for the failed students submitted to the district ranged from “lots of potential” to “missing work” to “no final exam.”
FOX31 Denver also reviewed copies of those same students’ transcripts when school started back up after the break in January of 2015. All nine received Ds instead of Fs on their official report cards.
Twardowski says he could not believe it, telling Halsne, “It`s egregious. Honestly. The first thing when I saw that I felt (pause) I don`t even know how to describe it. It`s a degree of violation professionally that I never experienced. I didn`t even know what to make of it. It rattled me to my very core. If I fail a kid, … – Click Here To Visit Article Source