CANNABIS CULTURE- Combat Athletes Find Comfort in Cannabis.

“We’re kind of backwards in the way we kind of look at things,” says Elias Theodorou, the first professional mixed martial arts fighter to be approved for medicinal cannabis use . “It’s not a problem to crush a handful of Percocet. Yet a joint or a vaporizer, you used a couple of weeks before could penalize you.”

“I was ironically being told to take opioids while USADA had a whole public campaign about the dangers of opioids.,`says Theodorou

Theodorou has a condition called bilateral neuropathy which is nerve damage to his upper extremities, and he uses cannabis, both high-CBD and high-THC mixtures for pain management. It was a long road for him to get exemption and he faced a lot of resistance along the way from the organizations like the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), which still classifies cannabis as a highly addictive substance with no medical value.

“I had some experience in regard to recreational cannabis and even medicinal cannabis before I even talked to my doctor,” says Theodorou. “But really diving into the science and the understanding of what neuropathy is,

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