Brian Shaw was never really the coach of the Denver Nuggets. He was the baby sitter or the substitute teacher, holding a position that was never going to be his until either the kids started to cooperate or he was given a new group of kids. During his nearly two seasons in Denver, Shaw spent most of his time dodging spit balls, sweeping up broken vases and trying lame attempts to relate and be cool. Inevitably, Shaw kept banging his head on the table while the kids laughed and waited for the next sound of the thud. The Nuggets relieved Shaw of his duties on Tuesday, ending a confounding period in which the organization was trying to move forward while clinging tightly to its past. Shaw was supposedly hired to take Denver to places that his predecessor, George Karl, never could. But Shaw was really never given the chance because owner Josh Kroenke and General Manager Tim Connelly weren’t fully committed to going in a different direction with personnel. Karl won 57 games, a Northwest Division title and Coach of the Year honors in his final season in Denver and got fired. Shaw received the same fate after snapping an 11-year playoff run and going 56-85 with mostly the same core group. The Nuggets erred in thinking a head coaching novice could convince players who had success under a head-coaching lifer that they could have more success doing something completely different. Shaw couldn’t lose a locker room that he never had. In his first season in Denver, Shaw clashed with one of Karl’s most trusted lieutenants, Andre Miller. Miller was upset with Shaw’s inability to communicate the reasons for benching him and that led to an embarrassing stalemate before the organization sided with Shaw. This season, Shaw reportedly butted with Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried, two more players who thrived under Karl. Lawson was frustratingly inconsistent and dealt with several off-court problems while Faried regressed and played as if he was lost. Denver traded Timofey Mozgov to Cleveland for two first-round draft picks, used one of those … – Click Here To Visit Article Source