The effort down low by Donatas Motiejunas, center, was one of the main reasons the Rockets left Denver with a win Saturday. (Associated Press / David Zalubowski)

Five things we learned in the Rockets’ 114-100 win over the Nuggets on Saturday night:
1. Corey Brewer’s energy off the bench can be a game-changer: There is a reason that Adam Silver wants the NBA to do away with stretches of four games in five nights and as many back-to-back as possible. The product suffers, and as NBA commissioner, he is selling a product. There are many other reasons, too, but the Nuggets and Rockets offered a reminder of why he needs to make that change a priority when it was so difficult to be sharp no matter how hard they stomped on the accelerator. The Rockets, however, had Corey Brewer’s non-stop energy. His entire game is built around playing the Rockets needed someone to play, so that when he took the floor at full speed, he took his team with him. The Rockets have built much of the style of their second unit around Brewer’s speed and energy. On Saturday, they built a turnaround and solid win around it.
2. Feeding Donatas Motiejunas down low pays off in a big way: If it seems that Donatas Motiejunas is better when he is tightly guarded than alone at the rim, that is not necessarily a bad thing — as long as he does not allow those point blank misses to drain his confidence with the ball inside. With the Nuggets using their small lineup, the Rockets went to Motiejunas and he seemed to get his touch going again. Motiejunas made 6-of-9 shots to score 18 points, keeping his recent roll from beyond the arc going by making two of his three 3-pointers. Some ups and downs during a season are inevitable, but it was important that Motiejunas’ did not let his recent slide turn into a long slump. If that took a number of baskets made after his array of post moves rather than simple layups that works since he cannot count of being … – Click Here To Visit Article Source