What does Food Bank of the Rockies do?“We are a food bank with the mission of ending hunger in the area we serve and we do that in different ways. The core of our programs is that we’re like a grocery store for 800-plus partner agencies, some of which are also your partner agencies, such as the Denver Rescue Mission, Project Angel Heart, Small Church Pantry, and Community Centers for Feeding People in Need. They come and get a large percentage of their food from our organization. We’re able to provide that food from grocery stores and wholesale retailers through our Feeding America partnership. We get donations, we had refrigerated trucks and a huge warehouse—we’re a grocery store for those organizations. It’s much easier for them to have a centralized hub where they can come get what they need rather than going out and trying to raise their own food.” What are some of the biggest misconceptions about the people you nourish through Food Bank?“I think a lot of people automatically think ‘Oh, it’s homeless people, the guy on the street with the sign.’ In reality—they certainly get food through us and several of our programs, but it’s maybe about 10 percent of people we serve. The other 90 percent can be people with health concerns—kids make up about 50 percent of food that goes out the door—people that are working and they just don’t make enough to pay for everything they need. I think it’s a real misconception that everyone is homeless.” What’s one thing people you want to tell people about Food Bank of the Rockies?“I think it’s important for people to be aware that hunger is an issue—one in seven people in Colorado are struggling to put enough food on the table. However they can help, we’re happy to take their help!” How does your mobile pantry work?“There are areas, pockets—we started with rural communities where we knew there wasn’t enough food for the people up there and the agencies couldn’t handle it or there weren’t any agencies to handle it and we started bringing food up with the truck and were met by volunteers. The food gets put out—it’s a client choice so the folks going through the line can choose from … – Click Here To Visit Article Source