Published: Mar 23, 2015, 12:29 pm By Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist Staff Yes, some headlines do indeed write themselves.
Forbes recently announced that contributor Julie Weed will cover the legal marijuana industry for the business magazine — “and yes, that’s my real last name,” Weed says in her bio. Her opening salvo in a blog titled “Introducing A Blog About The Legal Marijuana Industry (Which Is On Fire)” states her intentions:
“When a bi-partisan bill comes to the floor of the U.S. senate that would allow financial institutions to provide services to legal marijuana businesses, it’s a good time for Forbes to start covering the Cannabis Industry in earnest.”
While we’re looking forward to more serious journalism in the cannabis space, others are more excited about the easy joke.
Julie Weed gets the marijuana beat at Forbes – of course.
— Romenesko (@romenesko) March 23, 2015

Julie Weed is now covering the legal #marijuana industry for Forbes. The combination name and the beat will go down in history #wallstreet
— Ted Knutson (@TedKnutsonDC) March 23, 2015

Congrats to @Forbes for selecting a reporter named Julie Weed as your new (legal) marijuana reporter 🙂 cc: @Julie_Weed
— Andrew Freedman (@afreedma) March 23, 2015

So, @Forbes has a new (legal) #marijuana correspondent whose name is @Julie_Weed – nobody could make up stuff like this!
— Tracy Garza (@tracygarza) March 23, 2015

Soooo, @Forbes’ new contributor covering all things marijuana/drugs has the best and most apropos name.
— Clare O’Connor (@Clare_OC) March 23, 2015

Forbes reporter covering marijuana industry is named Julie Weed. I kid you not.
— Bill Bulkeley (@BillinBoston) March 23, 2015

Standing, clapping for @Forbes hiring reporter Julie Weed to cover the marijuana industry (h/t @alifitzg/@Gorkana)
— Dave Levinthal (@davelevinthal) March 23, 2015

Fun fact of the day: @Forbes has a contributor who covers the legal marijuana industry named…@Julie_Weed. #truth
— Taylor Popielarz (@TaylorPopielarz) March 23, 2015

Cheers to the new ‘Weed blog’ on @Forbes by none other than Ms. Weed! Glad to have you at #womengrow last week.
— Eve Cohen MBA (@CanChieftess) March 13, 2015

Wait. The contributor for new @Forbes blog on the #marijuana industry is actually named Julie Weed? Too good.
— Sharda Sekaran (@ssekaran) March 13, 2015

Forbes’ marijuana-industry blogger is named Julie Weed
— Willy Blackmore (@willyblackmore) March 12, 2015

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