CANNABIS CULTURE – Jamaica has long been associated with cannabis. Reggae music, Bob Marley, Dreadlocks all celebrate the use of the ganja plant. Yet what most foreigners dont know,  is cannabis use is frowned on by most Jamaicans.

The remnants of the decades-old, US-led “War On Drugs” still resonates in the psyche of the island. The cultural propaganda, coupled with the Christian backbone of Jamaican society, leaves many still believing ganja is the “devil’s weed” and drives people insane.

The Rastafarian Community was demonized for their social, religious and political views, so their Sacramental use of the plant added further fuel to the stigma that endures to this day. In a recent study by, Jamaica ranks in the lower half of the top ten in the “Cannabis Friendliness Index”. Coming in 8th position with a total score of 100 points out of 250. Bear in mind, Jamaica picked up 50 points simply for legalizing medical cannabis.

For the remaining data points, Jamaica would have scored just 50 points for the prevalence of use, which according to the report, stands at 7.2%, citing the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) as the source of consumption information. 


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