DENVER – 9NEWS asked our political experts about the aftermath of election night including GOP Rep. Cory Gardner unseating Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper narrowly winning re-election over Republican Bob Beauprez, and what the future holds in store in both Colorado and in Congress.

Our experts are Republican Ryan Frazier, a former Aurora city council member and candidate for congress and Aurora mayor. Democrat James Mejia is a former candidate for Denver mayor and the founder of the Denver Preschool Program. Both Frazier and Mejia now operate their own consulting companies, and appear regularly on 9NEWS broadcasts to analyze local, state and national political issues.

GOP ‘wave’ hits Colorado, spares Hickenlooper. 9NEWS at 5 p.m. 11/05/14.

Q: What do the results in Colorado say about the political landscape of the state? Has it shifted back to the GOP?

Frazier: I think what you’ve seen is that Colorado is still very much a purple state from being a little more tinted blue to a little more tinted red. That’s what this election means. It means folks here in Colorado gave Republicans another chance to prove their worth.

Mejia: A few years ago we saw Colorado as a swing state. We’ve got to remember the biggest affiliation in Colorado is unaffiliated, or independent. Elections in Colorado cannot be won without engaging that element of the electorate. And so I wouldn’t say it’s swung back. It certainly is a pendulum swing to the right, to the Republicans for now. But Colorado remains solidly a swing state and independents will always be in play in elections here for time to come.

GOP ‘wave’ hits Colorado, spares Hickenlooper. 9NEWS at 9 p.m. 11/05/14.

Q: What’s the number one reason Cory Gardner unseated Mark Udall?

Frazier: I …read more