Jerel Registre, managing director of the Curio Investment Fund, capped his time at Cannabis Conference 2021 with some news: Curio Wellness will rebrand its dispensary business as Far & Dotter, part of a franchise model that’s coming to the market with support from the company’s investment fund.

The idea, Registre says, is to back up Curio’s franchise model with a consistent brand that will appear in multiple U.S. states. The franchise model was announced last year, borne out of a desire to see greater diversity across the business. The Far & Dotter rebrand gives that mission a greater visibility, a clearer measure of support.

“We think there’s a lot of value to individually owned dispensaries, but there’s also a lot of power to operating under a broad brand with standard operating procedures and best-in-class practices,” he says. “Being able to combine those two features we think will be compelling going into the future of the dispensary market.”

The Far & Dotter rebrand brings that mission into focus at a time when the company is clearly communicating its priorities to the industry. To be clear, Far & Dotter is a reference to the father and daughter co-founder team at Curio: Michael and Wendy

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