Last year, I wrote that business owners need to be aware of a growing trend of federal class action lawsuits claiming business websites and point-of-sale terminals violate Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (the “ADA”). At this point, having a website that makes sales and isn’t broadly accessible is an invitation to be sued.

As a refresher, the ADA requires all businesses to remove any obstacle that interferes with a disabled person’s ability to access their products or services online – and under the ADA:

“a business may have discriminated against handicapped individuals when they construct and maintain quote on quote architectural barriers which prevent disabled people from enjoying the business as any other person.”

Earlier this week, Prospect Farms Hemp Sales LLC and Highline Wellness Inc. were each named in separate federal court complaints filed by Rasheta Bunting, who is legally blind. The complaints allege in sum:

“Plaintiff brings this civil rights action against Prospect Farms for their failure to design, construct, maintain, and operate their website to be fully accessible to and independently usable by Plaintiff and other blind or visually-impaired persons. Defendant is denying blind and visually-impaired persons throughout the United States with equal access

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