Laundry, package delivery, groceries, meals—these are all available on-demand for residents of major U.S. cities, where countless startups promise to let you live well without stepping outside of your house.

The other day, I placed an order on my phone for yet another on-demand product. As usual, I received a text with a link to track my driver when she was close by. I popped outside my door when the driver arrived, and exchanged cash for a paper bag. A mason jar filled with marijuana was inside. Attached to the jar, there was a tag informing me that my sun-grown marijuana came from farmers Casey and Amber in Mendocino. Casey and Amber’s marijuana smelled extremely potent.

As the growing array of startups and venture capitalists in the marijuana sector have made abundantly clear, weed is no longer an illicit substance that you shove in a drawer somewhere. In fact, as legalization ramps up and the icy hearts of even the staunchest anti-pot warriors start to thaw out, it’s becoming a boutique item. There’s a whole industry being built around the upscale branding of weed.

For a segment of smokers, marijuana is now something that should be organic, grown by friendly farmers, and ingested using properly fancy gadgets (just take a look at the “products” section of the Denver Post’s Cannabist website to preview the slick, expensive vaporizers that are rolling out on a daily basis).Flow Kana is the pinnacle of this trend.

The rule of thumb for buying marijuana in a state where it’s legal is this: You get it through a dispensary that works with growers, or you buy from a delivery service that works with dispensaries (or is an offshoot of an individual dispensary). Flow Kana bypasses the dispensary middleman by working directly with growers and delivering their product to customers.

The way Flow Kana sees it, this is a way to bring power back to outdoor growers in California’s Emerald Triangl, the region in the state where marijuana is a dominant industry. Farmers have watched marijuana prices drop precipitously in recent years as a … – Click Here To Visit Article Source