click to enlarge PROPPER BRANDS Honeybee’s new edibles are two existing flavors with more THC.
In some recipes, tripling one ingredient might lead to disaster. But in Honeybee’s line of popular Blood Orange Strawberry fruit gumdrops, tripling the THC content — from 100mg to 300mg — has made no difference to the fruit flavors imbued into each drop by chef Dave Owens.

“It’s still such a small amount,” says Owens, the director of culinary for Proper Brands and its line of Honeybee edibles. “Even with these high-potency versions, we didn’t find any real impact so far in the taste or in the consistency.”

Along with the gumdrops, Honeybee is rolling out a similarly upgraded version of its peanut and pretzel chocolate bar, its ten pieces containing a total of 300mg. Made with European milk chocolate, roasted peanuts and crunchy pretzel, the bar is marketed as “a grown-up version of a childhood favorite.”

It’s a product informed by Owens’ previous role as a chief chocolatier for Bissinger’s — though he notes that, as a high-end confectioner, he was often working to keep costs down in a very competitive marketplace.

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