Massachusetts, get ready for your very own, first-ever People’s Choice Cannabis Cup, coming this year. Known as a hotbed and safe haven for cannabis in New England, the Massachusetts industry is coming back stronger than ever after the COVID shutdown and is getting ready for this groundbreaking competition. If you want to know how to get involved, as well as why this Cup is one to mark your calendar for, look no further. 

This year, to keep things safe and compliant, the competition will feature a digital awards show only. Judging is done from home, and there is no live event. And there’s good news—judging is open to everyone who is eligible to purchase cannabis in the state!

The High Times Cannabis Cup Massachusetts: People’s Choice Edition is aimed to identify and award the best cannabis products in all of Massachusetts, all across a wide range of different categories, which are to be judged by the great people of Massachusetts for the state’s premiere Cannabis Cup.

Yes, you read that right. All the selections will be made by the people, so that Massachusetts can truly claim the most worthy winners of the top cannabis across the state. 

May the best products win!

Cannabis Cup Submissions and

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