The New Jersey native, 46, will present an evening of bossa nova on Monday in the second JazzSLC concert of the calendar year. She talked to The Tribune about her passion for Brazilian music, her signature phrasing and why she loves mountain life.
When did your love for the music of Brazil blossom?
I discovered Brazilian music at 14 years old. I was at a friend’s house with whom I shared a passion for music, and after school we were playing cards together, which we often did while listening to records, and the record he put on that day made the world stop. It’s funny how some memories are so outstandingly vivid and others not. This is one of my most powerful memories. … Brazilian music, samba and bossa nova in particular, are musics that transform sadness and pain into beauty.
How do you approach lyrics?
I like a lyric that tells a story, and it has to be a story that sounds intuitively that it could be told by me. Stories that express some of what I described above — happiness and sadness simultaneously — which is again why Brazilian music resonates with me in particular. And it doesn’t mean, of course, that it has to be my story literally. Metaphorically, I can transport myself to so many places and emotions. … Once I find a lyric that’s me, I don’t think about how I sing the lyric. I just have this great desire to put it across, to share my story. It’s so intimate and so thrilling, this ability to take a story and share it with the listener, as though you lean in and whisper something to somebody, saying, “Listen to this.”
You are a returning favorite of Salt Lake City audiences. Why do you believe you resonate with them?
Like a good dialogue between two people who connect, we are a whole room full of people who connect. It’s impossible to understand good chemistry — we just have it. It is always so warm in there [with] such a delicious atmosphere with a beautiful, engaging audience. It’s funny.
You spend much of the winter in the Intermountain West. What is it that appeals to you about the winter in this part of the country?
We love the mountains, we love the people here, who all basically worship these Rockies and so there is a great spirit in the valley, too. We ski and … – Click Here To Visit Article Source