Kara Tippetts, a 38-year-old Colorado Springs woman who advocated against physician-assisted suicide, died of breast cancer on Sunday, a post on Tippetts’ blog “Mundane Faithfulness” announced.

Tippetts published a book, “The Hardest Peace,” a memoir to life with a terminal diagnosis, days before Brittany Maynard made headlines when she announced that she had moved to Oregon to take advantage of the state’s law that allows physician-assisted suicide.
Tippetts and Maynard, who died in November, may have faced the same odds, but their perspectives could not have been more different. Tippetts, a Christian author and wife of a Colorado Springs pastor, wrote a letterĀ to Maynard to try to persuade her to reconsider her decision to end her life after Maynard learned that she had the deadliest form of brain cancer.
To Tippetts’ surprise, the letter went viral after she posted it on the website of best-selling author Ann Voscamp (“One Thousand Gifts”). It also brought Tippetts into the national limelight, and sent her book skyrocketing to the No. 14 spot on Amazon’s overall best-seller list. The attention was unexpected for Tippetts, she told The Gazette in October.
“I knew I wanted (Maynard) to be able to hear my letter and feel my love, but I never expected to be in this position. I never expected to be this voice, but it’s an important conversation so I’m entering it,” Tippetts said.
Tippetts, a mother of four, grew up in Noblesville, Ind. She and her husband, Jason Tippetts, met at Eagle Lake Camp west of Colorado Springs. The couple married in 1998 and moved to Rockrimmon in 2012, where they founded the Westside Church.
In a video on Voscamp’s website, Tippetts recalled that her arrival in Colorado Springs was punctuated by a series of small and large disasters. One night she fell in her home and broke her nose, leaving her husband to find her in a pool of blood. Not long after that her family was forced to evacuate their home as the Waldo Canyon fire erupted into Colorado Springs.
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