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LEAD — No medical marijuana licenses will be issued and no dispensary will be allowed to legally operate in the city of Lead until as late as Oct. 29 if the city finalizes a temporary ordinance June 21.

In a joint meeting between the Lead City Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission, the city discussed a temporary ordinance that will put all medical cannabis dispensary licenses on hold until the S.D. Department of Health issues guidelines. According to SDCL 34-20G, local governments may govern the time, place, and manner of a medical cannabis dispensary, as well as issue licenses, zoning permits, or registrations for those businesses to operate.

But while laws permitting medical cannabis in the state are scheduled to go into effect July 1, the state has until Oct. 29 to issue standards and guidance to municipalities for governing dispensaries. Lead’s temporary ordinance gives the city and the state time to organize for responsible development of medical cannabis within city limits.

“During the time between July 1, 2021, and potentially as late as Oct. 29,

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