We haven’t hidden our admiration for L’Eagle‘s operation in the past, awarding it with numerous Best of Denver awards for its work in the grow. The dispensary provides some of the stankiest buds in town while  advocating for clean growing practices and fighting against unsafe pesticide use. And owners Amy Andrle and her husband, John, have put their words into action, becoming the first dispensary in Denver to become Certifiably Green for its sustainable business practices.

Westword caught up with Amy Andrle in the following email interview to see what one of the Mile High’s most esteemed dispensaries has been up to and what the pot power couple has planned for the future.

Westword: What challenges does a cannabis business face while trying to get designated Certifiably Green by the city?

Amy Andrle: Certifiably Green currently evaluates retail operations, not cultivation facilities. Hopefully in the near future they will be able to add grows once a data baseline — which I believe they are compiling — is established. The current Certifiably Green designation relies on five basic principles: responsible resource management, energy efficiency, water conservation, alternative transportation and general business management. Given these, there may be some protocols or operational changes (providing recycling/composting, or updating faucets and lighting fixtures) required to support a sustainable retail store. Generally, any changes made to the business will benefit the bottom line long-term.

L’Eagle is proud to be the first indoor recreational cultivation facility to achieve Clean Green certification, the national third-party certification for USDA organic standards, in Colorado. Adding sustainability to organic cultivation brings challenges respecting [growing] media (no peat), lighting (LED lights over HID, which saves power in the lighting arena as well as a significant decrease in HVAC), and integrated pest management (not spraying for things that don’t exist) all come into play. If

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