The world of cannabis has been celebrating Canada’s legalization of marijuana earlier this month. But now, it looks like things might not be as great for Canadian weed smokers as everyone might have assumed. That’s because the country is already seeing massive problems with supply.

So much so, in fact, that many stores and provinces are completely out of product. Additionally, some experts think it might take a year or longer before the country can supply enough weed to meet demand.

Canada’s Weed Shortage

When marijuana became legal on October 17, dispensaries and online shops around the country were flooded with customers. As a result, the legal industry got off to an explosive start.

But now, less than two weeks later, Canada’s legal weed market is failing to keep up. Provinces are already running out of cannabis. And the demand doesn’t seem to be letting up.

As a result, some dispensaries have had to temporarily close down. Others have scaled back the number of days and hours they are open for business. Similarly, many province-run online stores are reportedly listing many products and strains as “out of stock.”

What’s Driving the Shortage?

According to experts, there are a number of different,

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