I received a notice of application for a proposed rezoning at 5128 Ladner Trunk Road to permit a cannabis dispensary at the Ladner Centre shopping mall.

I totally oppose this proposal.

First, I am a senior who has been living quietly with my elderly husband in Ladner for more than 12 years. Ladner to us has been the perfect place to retire and live peacefully. The cannabis dispensary will attract the influx of cannabis addicts from neighboring areas including Metro Vancouver to our small town of Ladner.

Second, with the presence of a cannabis dispensary in the town centre, I am predicting more noise, more chaos, more theft, more violence and an environment that is not suitable for senior quiet living.

Third, the cannabis dispensary will be situated beside the DQ Restaurant where many high school and elementary school students spend their time after school. As a responsible parent, I would not allow my children to go to the stores and restaurants close to the dispensary. This would lead to losses to the established big and small businesses in the Ladner Centre shopping mall.

Fourth, the presence of the cannabis dispensary will give a bad influence on high school

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