This peninsula has always been an iconic spot for recreation and relaxation. And vacationers can now chill out not just with beaches and bowls of chowdah, but also by lighting up a different kind of bowl and breathing in. 

Marijuana shops have been popping up on the Cape and the Islands over the last year or so — and more are planning to open their doors soon. 

“It’s finally here,” said Sandwich summer resident Chris Gagne about cannabis businesses opening on the Cape. Gagne made the short drive to Triple M in Mashpee for the first time last Wednesday. Previously he had to drive an hour to get to a pot shop.

The Cape and Islands have been slow to join the burgeoning marijuana industry since medical legalization in 2012 and recreational legalization in 2016. The Cape’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened in 2018 in Mashpee and its first recreational shop opened January 2020 in Provincetown. And compared to other counties, Barnstable, Dukes and Nantucket still have limited options.

But as applicants make their way through both town governments and the state Cannabis Control Commission, more medical and recreational dispensaries have carved out their own territory, giving both residents and visitors a handful of options.

Pot shops becoming ‘more of your average Main Street business’

Barnstable County currently has

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