On Tuesday, a former New York Republican Congress member who spent eight months in jail for dodging his taxes is trying to make a comeback, a massive field of Democrats looks toward unseating a very popular Republican governor in Maryland, and legalizing medical marijuana is up for a vote in Oklahoma.

Primary voters in New York, Maryland, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Utah will be going to the polls Tuesday night to pick their candidates for the 2018 midterms. There’s a slew of races to pick the Democratic and Republican nominees for the House, Senate and governors’ seats.

Vox has live results below, powered by Decision Desk.

New York

Polls close at 9 pm Eastern. Live results are below.

Incumbent Rep. Lee Zeldin was first elected in 2014. He was a state legislator before that. He voted in favor of Obamacare repeal but against the tax bill, which, in its rollback of deduction for state and local taxes, particularly hurt high-tax states like New York.

On the Democratic side, it’s a crowded field, with five candidates, but there appear to be two who stand out from the rest. Kate Browning, who fled Ireland during the Troubles and used to be a school bus driver, is one of the top two fundraisers on the Democratic side. But far and away, the money leader is business executive Perry Gershon, who has put at least $600,00 of his own money into the race. Scientist Elaine DiMasi, Bernie Sanders acolyte David Pechefsky and former county official Vivian Viloria-Fisher make up the rest of the field.

This district is rated Likely Republican and R+5, meaning all else being equal, it’s about 5 points more Republican than the country, by Cook Political Report. So this is on the edge of competitiveness. But the district, taking up

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