LA GRANDE — A medicinal marijuana farmer is leading the charge to bring back a medical marijuana dispensary to La Grande.

Derik Drake, owner of Flower of Life Farms, Nyssa, is aiming to partially repeal Ordinance 3228 banning marijuana farming and distribution in La Grande in order to take over as owner of HWY 30 Cannabis. Drake hopes to gain 1,315 signatures by Monday, July 26, in order to put the initiative on the city ballot in November.

Drake and his team have frequented local shopping centers, events and the downtown area in order to advertise and garner support.

“We’re working at it from every angle,” he said. “We’re just trying to keep things moving in a positive direction in this community.”

In 2015, the city of La Grande adopted Ordinance 3228 banning medical marijuana processing sites, medical marijuana dispensaries, recreational marijuana producers, recreational marijuana processors, recreational marijuana wholesalers and recreational marijuana retailers. Despite the ban, HWY 30 Cannabis on Adams Avenue was grandfathered in as a result of being opened prior to the ordinance, which allowed the shop to continue operating as the only medical marijuana dispensary in the city.

As a local medical marijuana farmer, Drake sold his product to HWY 30

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