DETROIT, MI – Tom Brady was named Super Bowl XLIX’s most valuable player, and with that came a brand-new, 2016 Chevrolet Colorado pickup.
But while Brady played a key role in guiding the New England Patriots to a 28-24 win, the heroics of cornerback Malcolm Butler saved the Patriots from near-certain defeat at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks and power running back Marshawn Lynch in the game’s final seconds.
Brady seems to realize this, and as a sort of gesture of thanks he’s giving his MVP Colorado to Butler.
Brady said earlier this month on his Boston radio show that he was considering gifting the truck to Butler, and on Tuesday General Motors confirmed the pickup now belongs to the rookie corner.
“The Colorado was intended to be awarded to Brady, the Patriots’ quarterback, in recognition of his Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award,” the company said in a release. “However, Brady and Chevrolet huddled on Monday and Chevrolet determined Butler deserved recognition for his game-saving interception.”
Butler picked up his truck Tuesday at Clay Chevrolet in Norwood, Mass.
“I am ecstatic that Chevrolet has chosen to reward me with a Colorado,” Butler said in the GM release. “It is just another unreal event in what has been an incredible week.”
Brady threw 4 touchdowns, a Super Bowl-record 37 completions, and just two interceptions against the NFL’s top-ranked defense.
“I’ve seen several game-changing moments in big games, and Malcom’s interception last Sunday ranks up there as one of the biggest,” Brady said in the release. “I appreciate Chevrolet wanting to honor the Super Bowl’s top performer, and I’m glad they have agreed to award the Colorado to Malcolm.”
Unfortunately for Butler, he’ll now also have to pay taxes on the pickup, which cost an estimated $35,000, according to ESPN.
The new midsize pickup starts at $20,995, and fully-loaded models can reach $35,000.
In addition to sponsoring the MVP award, General Motors had a presence at the 49th Super Bowl with the NFL Experience Zone Engineered by GMC at the Phoenix Convention Center.
Minutes before the game started, Chevrolet also sought to trick some 100 million viewers … – Click Here To Visit Article Source