Jackie McConnell (Denver District Attorney’s Office)A man involved in a 1994 home invasion and double homicide was sentenced Monday to 36 years in prison.Jackie McConnell, now 40, was 19 at the time of the crime, which occurred at 3234 Larimer St. in Denver.McConnell pleaded guilty in March 2014 to a single count of second-degree murder; four original counts of first-degree murder and one charge of attempted murder were dismissed as part of a plea agreement. Jacqueline Collette Gallegos, 28, and Nelson E. Swiggett, 42, both were killed during the attack. According to interviews conducted by The Denver Post in 2009, Gallegos was a mother of six known to use cocaine, and Swiggett was homeless. Mack Martinez, who was tortured during the attack but survived, said up to six men posing as federal drug agents kicked down the door. A court record says the invaders heard Martinez had drugs and money in the house and demanded to know where they were located. Details released for the first time on Monday revealed that McConnell suggested the location for the robbery, tied up Swiggett and participated in Martinez’s torture. “While he is legally responsible, he didn’t wield the knife,” Denver District Court Judge Kenneth Laff said while delivering the sentence, which fell midway through the presumptive range of 16 to 48 years. McConnell’s sentence was also mitigated by his cooperation during the investigation,which had gone cold for 18 years before he spoke up in 2012.At that time, McConnell, Andre “Dre” Jackson and Samuel “Sparky” Sims were indicted by a grand jury based on DNA evidence. All three were charged with murder and attempted murder; Jackson and Sims were also indicted for sexual assault.”It took a long time for the Denver Police Department to track down the perpetrators, but due to their dogged pursuit, they were able to catch those responsible,” prosecutor Khoury Dillon said.When McConnell came forward with information in 2012, he had already spent 18 years in prison for a different robbery, committed only 10 days after the one on Larimer Street. While delivering the sentence, Laff said this case may not have ever made it to trial without McConnell’s assistance.” … – Click Here To Visit Article Source