Another week, another Super Bowl contender …

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I haven’t heard much about lately. Can we call him a bust at this point?
— Jeremy Jones

Not at all. In fact, the 2013 fifth-round pick playing the best football of his brief career. In last week’s game against the New York Jets, he played a season-high 39.7 percent of the snaps and finished with three hurries of quarterback Geno Smith, including one that led directly to a Von Miller sack. Quanterus Smith had the first pressure, but didn’t finish, and instead steered the quarterback toward Miller’s grasp.

“He’s definitely close. He was close last week, but I was able to jump on it,” said Miller. “He’s close to finding it and when he’s finding it, the sacks — they’ll just start rolling in. The first one is always the hardest one.”

To get there — and build toward more sacks in the future — Smith sits next to DeMarcus Ware in defensive line meetings. Ware extended the invitation, and the advice comes fast.

“I’m like, ‘Now you want to get closer to the sack master since you’ve been closer to sacks.’ I joke with him all the time about that,” said Ware.

Added Smith: “”When he sees me doing something wrong on the film, he’ll just whisper, ‘Hey, Q; do this, do that.”

The most crucial lesson from last week? Finish.

“Last week, he had that quarterback (Geno Smith) in his hands and I said, ‘Don’t let him go,'” Ware said. “Everybody’s rooting for him to make big plays. He’s that great athlete when he …read more