Farmers who say they have been boxed out of the lucrative cannabis industry due to the high costs of entry were confronted by police as they protested a so-called “Cannabis Farmers Market” event at a Worcester dispensary over the weekend.

“Farmers aren’t even getting in the parking lot, let alone sitting at the table,” Westport farmer Averyl Andrade said.

Andrade and her husband picketed a so-called “Cannabis Farmer’s Market” event at Worcester pot shop Resinate alongside a mother-daughter farming duo Ominique Garner and Goldie Piff of A.V. Rose Farms in Rochester and about a dozen advocates fed up with the barriers barring them from getting into the businesses.

Farmers said the title was misleading since Resinate and the other companies involved are not farmers and have big-money backing.

Videos posted to social media show Resinate staff and co-owner Peter DeCaro confronting the farmers. Worcester police responded, but no arrests were made and protesters were allowed to stay.

Neither DeCaro nor Resinate responded to requests for comment.

Massachusetts has been criticized for the slow rollout of programs designed to increase the number of licenses going to minority candidates and people and communities negatively affected by the war on drugs.

Former Cannabis Control

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