Governor-elect Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan may pardon those with marijuana convictions after the state’s voters legalized recreational cannabis with the passage of Proposal 1 on Tuesday. Whitmer, who was chosen by voters in the midterm election, said in a press conference on Wednesday that she may use her executive powers to grant clemency to incarcerated marijuana offenders.

“I think that the people of Michigan have said that for conduct that would now be considered legal no one should bear a lifelong record for that conduct,” Whitmer said.

“We will start taking a look at that and making some decisions and taking some action early next year,” she added.

Recreational Pot Now Legal

Michigan’s Proposal 1 passed by a margin of 55 percent to 45 percent, state election officials reported on Wednesday morning. The measure legalizes the possession, cultivation, and use of recreational marijuana and creates a regulatory infrastructure for a commercial cannabis economy.

Even before parties celebrating the passage of Proposal 1 had finished, some reform advocates were calling for clearing non-violent marijuana convictions from offenders’ criminal records. State Senator Coleman Young II said that the passage of Proposal 1 offers an opportunity to take people out of jail and find them employment

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