The 2018 midterm elections continued the slow but sure path towards ending cannabis prohibition in the U.S. with crucial ballot victories and the election of dozens of pro-marijuana reform candidates to Congress and governorships.

For a discussion of the initiatives that passed or failed in Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota and Utah, go here.

Freedom Leaf closely monitored 30 Congressional and gubernatorial races this election cycle, and, in general, the news was positive for the 50-year-old marijuana law reform movement.

Thanks to Democrats seizing control of the House of Representatives from prohibitionist Republicans, dozens of pro-reform legislative bills held up by Republicans for years will now get hearings and possibly floor votes.

Here are the results of some of the most important races:


The most pro-cannabis law reform politician in the nation’s history, California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, ascended to the governorship of America’s most populous state. From San Francisco Supervisor to California Lt. Governor, Newsom has always been progressive on pot.

In the state’s 48th Congressional District (CD), longtime marijuana law reformer and one of the few Republicans in Congress supportive of ending prohibition, Dana Rohrabacher, was defeated by Democrat Harley Rouda, who also favors marijuana law reforms. We wrote

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