Monmouth could get their own recreational marijuana dispensary if the city council approves a pair of ordinances in the future.

The city was approached by Dave Dorgan, whose LLC is set to receive a recreational cannabis dispensary license in Western Illinois, and was encouraged to draft and approve an ordinance.

City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher says that Monmouth was identified as the “target” community for the license holders.

“They can locate anywhere within a 21-county region but they had identified Monmouth as their target community,” Steinbrecher told WGIL on Tuesday. “So, we were approached by Mr. Dorgan and as part of their due diligence, need to find a community that is receptive to allowing a dispensary like this in their community.”

It’s estimated that the facility would do between $4-5 million in sales, of which the city would impose a three percent sales tax.

Steinbrecher says that this is all still very preliminary and approvals have to be made by the council in order for the dispensary to be established in the city.

Aldermen on Monday also approved the 7-year contract with Lake Shore Recycling for $3,090,384 for curbside solid waste collection.

City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher says that with the purchase

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