The NBA offseason began for the Nuggets a few days ago, when the news broke that the team had declined the team option on the contract for Nikola Jokic with the plan to sign the third-year player to a five year max contract.

The team didn’t screw up the contract details this time, like they did with Kenneth Faried, and will be able to keep Jokic around for the next half decade. While it may seem like a lot of money (Jokic is on pace to be one of the top 20 wealthiest Serbians alive), he’s worth it — especially to the Nuggets.

While it was interesting to me to see if the Nuggets would risk letting Jokic hit free agency, sparing them from luxury tax hell for a team that didn’t make the playoffs last season, there are several other free agents on the market that are extremely interesting to me as a Nuggets fan and also a fan of the NBA.

This isn’t intended to be a definitive list — it’s just a couple players that I think have really interesting summers ahead of them.

LeBron James

Someone to keep an eye on in free agency this summer: Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James.

— Jake Whitacre (@jakewhitacre) June 28, 2018

Really can’t say it any better than that. Moving on!

Will Barton

The first player on the list is Will Barton, one of the most important players on the Nuggets roster last season. Barton was basically the only reliable scorer on the team, able to penetrate to the rim with ease while also continuing to improve his perimeter jumper. Barton has the work ethic, drive, and confidence to be a good player for the length of his next contract, and seeing him thrive in Denver,

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