With All-Star Weekend fading in the rearview mirror, the NBA Trade Deadline 2015 is the next big event in this year’s NBA season. Teams have until February 19 to complete trades, otherwise their next chance to swap players won’t come until after the season ends. The Denver Nuggets are one of the teams rumored to be considering multiple moves ahead of this year’s deadline, and that’s no surprise considering they are woefully underperforming and have several players with relatively inexpensive contracts that could help a team gunning for the playoffs improve their chances. No one knows for sure what the future will hold as the deadline approaches, but I’m here to give you three fearless predictions about what the Nuggets will do in the face of this year’s deadline. PREDICTION #1: The Nuggets will trade Arron Afflalo, but not Wilson Chandler.A few weeks ago, it looked like Wilson Chandler was the player most likely to be moved at this year’s trade deadline. But in recent weeks, Arron Afflalo has emerged as the player about whom most teams are calling to inquire. Afflalo has played well for the Nuggets all year, and his ability to score in double figures night in and night out makes him a valuable commodity for teams still in the playoff hunt who are looking to add an immediate scoring pop or replace an injured contributor. Afflalo’s contract situation — he has a player option for next season — means the Nuggets are motivated to get a deal done, especially since it seems unlikely at this point that he would choose to return to the team next year since the franchise is probably going to be struggling for at least one or two more seasons. My guess is the Nuggets ultimately hold on to Chandler (and that’s a good thing; he’s not only a versatile scorer and above average defender, but by all accounts he is well-liked by his teammates and fans alike, and he hasn’t had any high-profile run-ins with head coach Brian Shaw), but find a team desperate … – Click Here To Visit Article Source