Rounding up the latest trade rumors the Internet has to offer as the Thursday, Feb. 19 NBA trade deadline approaches:
• Is Jermaine O’Neal to the Dallas Mavericks now a question of when not if? (via Eddie Sefko, Dallas Morning News): 

Jermaine is pretty much a given. The Mavericks are pretty sure he wants to join them. It’s just a matter of when. They would have liked to have had him two weeks ago. But they’ll take him when they can get him. At this point, the only thing surprising would be if he didn’t join the Mavericks. Stoudemire has a few more issues, with the buyout and whether or not he’d want to go somewhere else. Wait and see. And, if you haven’t heard,, the Mavericks are preparing to bring in Bernard James on a 10-day contract so that they have an extra big body against Utah on Wednesday.

• The Denver Nuggets may be able to move guard Arron Afflalo than wing Wilson Chandler due to their asking price (via ESPN Insider Rumor Central):’s Ramona Shelburne writes “Word is Denver’s asking price on Arron Afflalo has been high so far. They got a lot for Mozgov, so why not? … Among teams Nuggets have discussed Afflalo with include Portland, Chicago, LA Clippers, Miami and Sacramento. He’s got a player option next year, so (a future first round pick) is a lot to ask.” 
According to’s Marc Stein, Afflalo will likely be traded before Chandler due to the Nuggets’ demands for their starting small forward. 
Stein suggests Randy Foye and Jameer Nelson could also be moved by the deadline. 
Afflalo is on the books for $7.5 million this season and in 2015-16 should he pick up the player option for next season.

• After making a pair of separate moves Tuesday, the Minnesota Timberwolves aren’t seeking any more according to GM Flip Saunders (via Derek Wetmore,

“We’re not actively looking to do anything. I’m sure people will call us, as everyone talks around the league,” Saunders said. “We’ve done a lot right now over the course [of the year] … – Click Here To Visit Article Source