Netflix just dropped the official trailer for Grass is Greener, a new documentary that takes a hard-hitting look at how weed—and the war against it—has indelibly shaped American music, culture and more. Directed and narrated by filmmaker and all around hip hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy, Grass is Greener aims to educate audiences not just about the history of marijuana in America, but also how that history is impacting the push for legalization and the development of the cannabis industry today. The feature length documentary, Fab 5 Freddy’s directorial debut, will start streaming, as it should, on April 20.

Fab 5 Freddy Directs Doc Featuring Snoop Dogg, Chuck D, Killer Mike and More

Champions of marijuana legalization and advocates of drug policy and criminal justice reform do what they do because they know about the brutal and racist history of the war on drugs. Even everyday cannabis consumers, especially if they’ve lived under prohibition, likely have some sense of the vast inequalities created and perpetuated by drug law enforcement.

But as a massive legal industry emerges from the shadows of the underground trade, it’s important not to forget where it all came from. Legalization doesn’t erase or correct the wrongs

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