Jeengle, a new Denver-based nonprofit that hopes to make charitable giving easier, launched last month with hopes of making donating easier and more widespread.

Founders Charlie and Grace Willhoit came up with the idea of Jeengle in 2007, creating a middle man for donors who want their money to make an impact.

Donors can give a single donation or monthly contribution and let Jeengle distribute the funds equally to a wide spectrum of causes and organizations.

“Our goal is to make giving so easy and so mindless that those who aren’t giving start giving,” said Jeengle’s Executive Director Julia Baker Hansen. “We are a place for donors to come and flex their muscles. We want to celebrate the act of giving, and if that means you only give a little, that’s still a lot.”

Nearly $287 billion was given to chairty in the U.S. last year, according to Giving USA’s 2018 Philanthropy Report.

Jeengle passes on 100 percent of donations to partner organizations. The minimum donation is $1.

“We are a place for everyone to cover all their bases,” Baker Hansen told The Denver Post.

Jeengle partners with 20 organizations that fall under six umbrella categories — human services; health; public-society benefit; international affairs; arts, culture, and humanities; and environment and animals. To be included in Jeengle’s charity database, organizations are strictly vetted by a selection committee.

Jeengle’s selection process aims to choose organizations where donations will make the most impact, focusing on large-scale public charities like the Alzheimer’s Association and Human Rights Watch.

The nonprofit plans to expand its number of partners to 36.

To see a full list of Jeengle’s partners and for more information on Jeengle’s selection process and how to donate, visit their website at

Other charity facilitators include GiveWell and Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket.

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