I feel like we’re living in an upside down world when it comes to cannabis legalization at the federal level. The main reason being that Dems, despite in being in full control of Congress and the White House, just can’t get the ball across the line on a number of cannabis reform bills. This includes bills on banking (see the SAFE Banking Act, which has passed the House no less than five times) and overall federal legalization (see the MORE Act as well as its sister Senate legislation, the Cannabis Administration Opportunity Act (“CAOA”)).

A lot of this gridlock is due to political jockeying over other issues that take priority, like COVID recovery, infrastructure, etc., and because, as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer admits, there aren’t enough votes in the Senate to get anything done around the issue. To add to the feeling we may be living in the Twilight Zone, a Republican Congresswoman, Nancy Mace, out of South Carolina, just introduced a cannabis legalization bill called the States Reform Act (“SRA”). Why is Rep. Mace’s cannabis bill significant? Because she’s a junior Republican representative in the House (from the southeast, no less). The SRA is probably also the most

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