On Monday, Arkansas’ Medical Marijuana Commission welcomed its newest member, pediatric nurse Justin Smith. Smith has worked in pediatric care for 11 years, and currently works at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Smith’s appointment to the Commission could help shape Arkansas’ still-emerging medical cannabis program in important ways. In his time as a nurse, the 38-year-old Smith gained firsthand experience with the benefits of medical cannabis treatments for children.

New Board Member Could Shape Arkansas Medical Cannabis Policy to Benefit Children

Arkansas’ five-member Medical Marijuana Commission found itself a member shy last month when James Miller resigned. Justin Smith, a pediatric nurse, will take Miller’s place. But he brings with him a set of experiences that his predecessor didn’t have. In his 11 years as a nurse, Smith has worked with patients who took medical cannabis treatments. And he’s seen the effectiveness of those treatments, firsthand.

“I’ve seen it with my own eyes,” Smith told the AP. “When you see that, it kind of changes your mind and perspective on things.” Smith said that his long-time experience as a pediatric nurse makes it impossible for him to deny the effectiveness of medical cannabis. “Especially in my case, when you see it work

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