Canada’s legal weed market is a little more than a week underway, and while business has certainly been booming, there has already been controversy in one province.

Nova Scotia Man on Hunger Strike to Protest High Prices of Cannabis

Bob Dillman, a longtime medical marijuana patient under Health Canada, has taken issue with Canada’s burgeoning recreational market. Dillman, who suffered a lower back injury at work back in 2008, and has since suffered a plethora of internal problems such as organ problems and digestive issues, blames the increased demand from recreational patients for a lack of quantity—and quality— of medical-grade flower.

As a result, Dillman has been on a hunger strike since Monday in order to protest the rising costs of his medicine. According to Dillman, who is from the province of Nova Scotia, the cannabis market in has been monopolized by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corp  [NSLC], making it increasingly difficult to access the medicine.

Dillman says that his supply has been cut short in several instances over the past decade, but now things are worse than ever. Per Dillman, the NSLC has allegedly been shutting down dispensaries left and right.

“They’re cutting us off at every access point,” Dillman

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